Zerodha is India’s Largest stock broker in terms of total active client base. The discount broker has been active since 2010 and is the only Stockbroker with a 6 Million plus active client base.

Zerodha Review, Brokerage Charges, Demat A/C, Trading Platforms & more

Here is a comprehensive review of this discount broker and its products, offerings, and services.

Zerodha is among the newest members of the Indian Equity and derivative trade economy who have pioneered the art of interweaving technology with conventional financial services.

It is giving a great boost to India’s conventional Equity and derivative-based trading industry.

Today, our article has been drafted to shed some light on Zerodha, including its products and services, brokerages, and of course, the effectiveness of all the trading platforms & more.

Zerodha SWOT Analysis by Top10StockBroker

Top Notch Brand ValueNo Offline Presence
Largest Stock Broker in India as per SEBINo Research & Advisory Service
Very low Client Attrition
Pioneer in Digital Platforms
Among Top Unicorns in India
Innovative Partner Program
Start PMS & PCG ServicesExtremely Competitive Market
Start Research & AdvisoryLacking Innovation in last 3 Years
Increase Offline PresenceLacks personal touch with Clients
Invest in Digital Marketing

About Zerodha

Company TypePublic
Broker TypeDiscount Broker
Founder Nithin Kamath, Nikhil Kamath, Dr.Kailash Nadh
Established Year2010

Zerodha is one of the largest online discount broker facilitating trading and investment opportunities to its customers.

Zerodha is ranked highest among other top brokers. It started serving its audience from the year 2010 and has earned the name for itself. Zerodha is officially recognized as India’s first and Best Stock Broker in India.

It was founded by Nithin Kamath, who worked as a stock trader before starting his own broking house.

Apart from bringing a competitive pricing model that made it the first of its kind, Zerodha is also acknowledged as a pioneer in technology for trading in India. The broking house officially began its operations on 15th August 2010.

As its name, mixing the English word ‘Zero and the Sanksrit ‘Rodha’ (Barrier) would suggest, Zerodha had the vision to break possible barriers that various traders, investors, and other aspiring money-makers face in the country’s economic scenario.

More about Zerodha

Zerodha has consistently upheld its vision to assist traders and investors as a broking house.

It is now dedicated to providing more up-to-date and timely knowledge, hi-tech tools and platforms, and constant customer support at competitive prices. The firm quickly escalated its reputation to the ninth cloud.

In less than a decade, it became a fan favorite due to its unconventional approach to serving the registered retail clients (traders) across the major Equity and derivative-based Indian trading industry with easy to use and home developed trading platforms.

The company typically boasts about its disruptive pricing and in-house developed technologically sound solutions to India-centric stock trading.

They are recognized as the largest stock broker in India regarding their active clients and the firm’s total contribution in terms of trading volume on the topmost Indian stock exchanges, which is 10 % of the overall Indian retail trade volume.

Furthermore, the company has been recognized for the ‘Retail brokerage of the year 2018’ award by the National Stock Exchange, ‘Retail broker of the year 2017’ award by Outlook Money, and ‘Young Entrepreneur of the year (Startup) 2017’ award by Ernst & Young.

The Associate Program also enables the investors to refer more customers through personal contacts. This has also boosted its popularity as a discount broking house in India.

Zerodha Brokerage Charges and Fees

Brokerage Charge & FeesZerodha
Equity DeliveryRs 0 (Free)
Equity IntradayFlat Rs 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per executed order
Equity FuturesFlat Rs 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per executed order
Equity OptionsFlat Rs 20 per executed order (on Turnover)
Currency FuturesFlat Rs 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per executed order
Currency OptionsFlat Rs 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per executed order
CommodityFlat Rs 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per executed order
Minimum BrokerageZero
Demat AMC ChargesRs.300 per Annum
Trading AMC ChargesFree
Margin Money75% Margin

The following is the brokerage structure for Zerodha.

Equity Delivery Based trades will have no brokerage charges for them. This has been the rule set out by Zerodha since December 2015.

For Equity Intraday trades, the applicable rates will be 0.03% or Rs. 20/executed order, whichever is lower. For the equity options, the same rates will apply, but in this case, the brokerage will also depend on the turnover.

The minimum brokerage will thus be Rs. 20 per trade. Zerodha also offers a live Brokerage calculator that will allow traders and investors to compute brokerage rates applicable to their investments and transactions.

For a detailed calculation of brokerage & other charges, check out our Zerodha Brokerage Calculator.

Zerodha other Charges

Some other charges will be applicable for the investors and customers of Zerodha as well.

SEBI Turnover ChargesRs 10 / Crore
STTEquity Delivery: 0.1% on both Buy and Sell
Equity Intraday: 0.025% on the Sell Side
*Equity Futures: 0.01% on Sell Side
Equity Options: 0.05% on Sell Side(on Premium)
Commodity Futures: 0.01% on sell side (Non-Agri)
Commodity Options: 0.05% on sell side
Currency F&O: No STT
On Exercise transaction: 0.125%
Right to entitlement: 0.05% on sell side
Stamp Duty(On buy side only)Delivery: 0.015%, Intraday: 0.003%, Equity Futures: 0.002%, Equity Options: 0.003%, and Currency F&O: 0.0001%. Commodity Futures: 0.002%, Commodity Options: 0.003% (MCX)
GST18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge + SEBI Fee)
Margin Funding Charges18% + GST
Reactivation ChargesRs 20 per instruction
Account Closure ChargesRs 25 per instruction
Dematerialisation ChargesRs 30 per instruction
Pledge CreationRs 30 per request
Pledge InvocationRs 20 per ISIN
Margin Pledge/Unpledged/ Pledge closureRs 9 + Rs 5 per request CDSL fee
Margin RepledgeRs 2 CDSL Fee

Other Charges

The STT is a charge that is only for the sell-side in intraday and F&O transactions as well. It will be charged on both sides for Equity trades.

  • They impose Stamp Duty charge for all the states of India, and this changes as per the fixed rate. The charges are 0.015% or Rs.1500 / crore on buy-side for Delivery, 0.003% or Rs.300 / crore on buy-side for intraday and options, and 0.002% or Rs.200 / crore on buy-side for futures.
  • The transaction charge is very small and falls somewhere between NSE: 0.00345% BSE: 0.003% for Equity, NSE: 0.002% for Futures and NSE: 0.053% (on premium) for Options.
  • The service tax charge for all transactions will remain the standard 14% of the total amount.
  • There is also the SEBI charge for Rs.10 / crore for every crore of the transaction.
  • The call and trade feature from Zerodha will come in at the cost of Rs.50 per call. The Instant Payment Getaway is applicable for over 21 banks and will be Rs.9 per transfer.
  • DP charges for delivery-based equity selling are Rs.13.5 + GST per scrip.
  • As for the pledging charges, they are Rs.30 + GST per pledge request.

More on Zerodha Charges

Overall, the expenses and fees charged by Zerodha are rather transparent in the structure. We offer you a free calculator to compute the charges on all trades and transactions.

Call & Trade Charges – These charges are for availing the call and trade facility. Zerodha charges Rs. 50 for every trade.

Corporate Action Order Charges – Corporate actions include stock split, mergers, payment of dividend, buyback, delisting orders, and OFS. Zerodha charges a sum of Rs. 20 for such corporate actions.

Off-market Transfer Charges – The entity charges Rs. 25 or 0.03%, whichever is higher than the transfer value.

Physical CMR request – Zerodha charges no sum for the first Physical CMR request. After that it charges Rs. 20 for the subsequent request. Also, Rs. 100 as courier charges.

Payment Gateway Charges – UPI transactions do not attract any charges. And for other transactions, Rs. 9 + GST is levied.

Delayed Payment Charges – Interest is charged either yearly according to the debit balance of the trading account. 18% interest is charged a year or 0.05% per day according to the debit balance.

NRI brokerage Charges – Different charges are charged for different types of trades. Rs. 100 is charged per order for futures and options, 0.1% OR Rs. 200 is levied for every executed order in respect of Equity.

Rs. 500 + GST in the form of Annual Maintenance Charges.

To know in detail, just click on this link Zerodha Brokerage & Other Charges.

Zerodha Demat Account Opening Charges

Trading Charges [One Time]Rs 200
Trading AMC [Yearly]Rs 0 (Free)
Demat Charges [One Time]Rs 200
Demat AMC [Yearly]Rs 300 + GST
Margin Money75% Margin

One of the major reasons for Zerodha’s success lies in its open-minded approach towards allowing people throughout the country to become a member of the brokerage house and thereby trade under the firm’s banner without any prejudices or partiality.

Anyone from any corner of the nation can become a registered trader with them anytime by simply depositing Rs.300 through the Central Depository Services Limited or CSDL in account opening charges.

Types of Zerodha Demat Account

  • Online Account – If you wish to trade in Equity, you will have to pay a charge of Rs.200, and in the case of trading in Equity and commodity, the amount shall be Rs.300.
  • Offline Account – Herein, there are different accounts for trading in Equity ad Commodity. The charge for Equity is Rs.400, but for Equity and Commodity is Rs.600.
  • NRI Account – This account is only based offline, and the charges are Rs.500 for Equity only, and Equity and Commodity are NA.
  • Partnership, LLP, HUF, or corporates – There are different charges here, and this account is offline based. The equity account charge is Rs.500, whereas the Equity and commodity charge is Rs.800.

If the registering party applies for a Demat Account, then another amount of Rs. 300/year + GST charged quarterly will have to be paid similarly regarding annual maintenance charges for the same.

Nevertheless, the brokerage house does not demand annual maintenance charges regarding trading accounts. There is also no mandate for the registered users to maintain any minimum margin money whatsoever.

To know in detail, just click on this link Zerodha Demat Account.

Zerodha Offers

Free Demat AccountNo
Free Trading AccountNo
Discount on BrokerageYes
Trading Happy HoursNo
Flexible Brokerage PlansNo
1 Month Brokerage FreeNo
Holiday OffersNo
Referral OffersYes
Zero Brokerage for Loss Making TradesNo

Zerodha is a discount broker and bestows innovative offers and deals to its customers.

You should be able to easily decipher the information laid down in the aforementioned table of contents which states that Zerodha being the Best Discount Broker with their services.

They do not need to come up with a lot of offers for their registered retail traders to ensure their continuance with the brokerage house or to lure new clients.

Perhaps, this is the only reason they only emphasize providing their registered retail traders with Concession on Brokerage in terms of extensive offers.

The most powerful offer that Zerodha provides is their Partner Program or Referral offer. Each client can refer their friends & family & earn some percentage of their brokerage revenue.

Learn more about Zerodha Partner Program here.

  • Zerodha offers brokerage-free equity delivery trading to its customers. It offers and promotes high trading on the trading platform. Also, it charges a very nominal sum of Rs. 20 per trade for intraday trades and Futures & Options.
  • On the Zerodha platform, direct mutual fund investments are also absolutely free. Commission or DP charges are also not charged in such transactions.
  • Zerodha is one of the renowned and most used platforms. It has gained tremendous growth and popularity among investors over the years.

How to open Demat Account with Zerodha?

Zerodha has made a name for itself, and it will not be surprising if you are already attracted to them and want to join them as a trader.

Nevertheless, if that is the case, then this is all you need to take care of to open a Demat Account:-

  1. Click on the green ‘Open Demat Account‘ button underneath this section to pop up a form.
  2. Once the form pops up on your window, fill-up the form with details like Name, City & Mobile No.
  3. You will get a call from the Zerodha representative & they will share a link.
  4. You will open this link & complete step by step process online.
  5. The KYC verification procedure will require you to have Aadhar Card, PAN Card, and a photograph to verify your age, identity, and address.
  6. Once you finish up all these steps, you may expect to be contacted by authorized personnel on behalf of Zerodha, who will take care of the final set of verifications before handing you over your account.
  7. As soon as the final verification is complete, you will be able to freely access your Demat or Trading Account (whichever you have opted for) in a couple of hours and get the login details.

Why open Zerodha Trading Account?

Being a trader across various government-recognized indices and exchanges within the Indian constitution requires the people to have a Demat or at least a Trading Account. Moreover, registering yourself as a trader with a reputed brokerage house comes with its perks.

Here are some of the most compelling reasons as to why you should consider registering with Zerodha Trading Account:-

  • Zerodha has gained the trust and respect of the new-age traders who prefer modern-day trading platforms over conventional ones.
  • They claim to be the largest brokerage house in India in terms of the total number of their active clients and the volume they contribute towards the overall transaction amount of the major exchanges in India.
  • The discount broker has been honored with some of the most prestigious awards, such as the ‘Retail brokerage of the year 2018’ award, which was awarded to them by the National Stock Exchange, ‘Retail broker of the year 2017’ award that was granted to them by Outlook Money and ‘Young Entrepreneur of the year (Startup) 2017’ award that was awarded to them by Ernst & Young.

Zerodha Products And Services

The broking house offers a variety of technological add-ons, Services, and products that help investors in stock and securities trading.

Zerodha Products

Equity TradingYes
Commodity TradingYes
Currency TradingYes
Mutual FundsYes

Look into the above-charted table of contents.

You will easily understand that Zerodha furnishes its respective registered retail traders with products related to Futures Trading, Currency Trading, Equity Trading, Options Trading, and Commodities Trading.

However, you must also have speculated that the well-reputed brokerage house does not emphasize providing any products related to Forex Trading, Insurances, or Generalized Banking.

With Zerodha, you can deal in many marketable securities, like –

Futures and Options – These are called derivatives as they obtain their value from an intrinsic asset. Based on the value of such an asset, the value of derivatives is determined. Future is a contract to buy or sell a security on a pre-determined date and pre-determined price.

Options are contracts that give the investor a right to buy or sell the security on a specified date and time.

Commodity Derivatives – These derivatives derive their value from the underlying commodity. The commodity can be coal, copper, gold, cotton, wheat, or any spices.

Currency Derivatives – Investors can invest in the currency of various countries with currency derivatives.

Direct Mutual Funds – Buy a Mutual fund unit directly from Zerodha and secure your savings with growing income.

Bonds and Securities – Not limited to stocks or mutual fund units, but one can also invest in bonds and securities offered by the Zerodha platform.

Zerodha Tools

Among its products are tools for bracket and stop-loss orders. Using this product, the investors can place stop-loss orders and even cancel them at the right time.

The investors can also make cover orders to get higher intraday averages. There are also different calculators for the investors. The SPAN Calculator will help you evaluate and find out the margin requirements for investments strategies.

The Brokerage Calculator will allow investors to know all contract note charges and break-even points to plan trades and investments effectively.

The B and S option calculator will help investors calculate the fair value of equity options.

Zerodha Services

Demat ServicesYes
Trading ServicesYes
3 in 1 AcountNo
Intraday ServicesYes
IPO ServicesYes
Stock RecommendationsNo
Robo AdvisoryNo
Trading InstitutionYes
Trading ExposureUpto 5x

Now, this is interesting. Suppose you pay close attention to the table that has been charted above.

In that case, you will be able to easily tell that Zerodha, as a discount brokerage house, actively hands over to its respective registered clients all sorts of services in regards to Initial Public Offerings, Trading, Intraday as well as Demat, all with a leveraged trading exposure of up to twenty-eight times.

Nevertheless, you will also realize that the brokerage house does not extend any support in Portfolio Management Services, 3 in 1 Account, or Stock Recommendations.

Zerodha also offers several initiatives to investors. Varsity is a hub for education for investors on Indian Capital Markets.

Trading Q&A is a question-and-answer site for the markets and stock trading. It is free and fully accessible for all investors and traders.

Connect is a blog for investors on investments, trading, and news updates on the market and stock exchanges.

Stocks & IPOs – Buy and sell equity shares of companies already revolving in the stock market or bid for the IPOs with Zerodha. It has made it all simple.

There is additionally a 60-day challenge for the investors, through which they can get their brokerage back. There is also an online link where they can also share their earnings.

Additionally, for investors, there are also many products for market intelligence. Pulse will help investors stay updated about the latest happenings in business and finance.

The Trading Holiday calendar will also give an idea about all the trading holidays. There are also circulars and newsletters for the clients.

Zerodha Research & Advisory

Research & Advisory
Fundamental ReportsNo
Research ReportsNo
Company ReportsNo
Annual ReportsNo
Company Stock ReviewNo
Free Stock TipsNo
IPO ReportsNo
Top PicksNo
Daily Market ReviewNo
Monthly ReportsNo
Weekly ReportsNo
Offline AdvisoryNo
Relationship ManagerNo

As you can see, the aforementioned table of contents clearly states that Zerodha, irrespective of being a nationwide acclaimed discount brokerage house, does not extend any support in terms of Research or Advisory whatsoever, be it Annual Reports, Free Stock Tips or even Top Picks.

Other Offers

Z-connect blog – Z connect offers a plethora of information about investing and trading.

Pulse News – It helps you stay updated with your surroundings’ happening. A brief note which covers all necessary details in respect of essential news.

Circulars/Bulletin – Zerodha also offers a section dedicated to delivering the important circulars and bulletin, which the investors and general public should be aware of.

IPOs – To cater and offer its investors another investment prospect, Zerodha also offers IPO facilities to its customers.

Zerodha Exposure / Leverage / Margin / Limit

Exposure / Leverage
Equity DeliveryUpto 1x
Equity Intraday20% of the trade value based on the volatility of the stock(VaR+ELM+Adhoc margins of the exchange)
Equity Futures1X (100% of NRML margins(SPAN + Exposure))
Equity Options1X (100% of NRML margins(SPAN + Exposure))
Currency Futures1X (100% of NRML margins(SPAN + Exposure))
Currency Options1X (100% of NRML margins(SPAN + Exposure))
Commodities1X (100% of NRML margins(SPAN + Exposure))

Now, suppose you pay close attention to the table of contents that has been charted above. In that case, you will be astounded to see the kind of exposure (or leverage) Zerodha has to offer to its respective registered retail traders.

It is clear enough that they offer an extensive exposure of up to 1x on Equity Delivery Trading, up to 1X (100% of NRML margins(SPAN + Exposure)) on Equity Futures Trading, up to 1X (100% of NRML margins(SPAN + Exposure)) Currency Options Trading and Equity Options Trading respectively, up to 20% of the trade value based on the volatility of the stock(VaR+ELM+Adhoc margins of the exchange) on Equity Intraday Trading, up to 1X (100% of NRML margins(SPAN + Exposure)) on Commodities Trading and up to 1X (100% of NRML margins(SPAN + Exposure)) on Currency Futures Trading.

Nevertheless, suppose you still find it difficult to calculate the exact exposure you will be getting on a certain trade.

In that case, you are about to commence and want to determine the total number of additional shares that the add can buy on exposure the company promises.

You must refer to the Zerodha Margin Calculator, a dedicated tool for the company that can provide you with all sorts of relevant information.

How to transfer shares in Zerodha from other Stock Brokers?

There are three ways by which you can transfer your shares from your existing stock broker to Zerodha –

  1. Closure cum transfer – Through this process, you can close your Demat account with the existing stock broker and transfer your holdings to Zerodha Demat account. Submit closure cum transfer form along with Zerodha Client Master Report (CMR) to your existing broker. If the shares are in a lock-in period, the shares cannot be transferred from CDSL to NSDL or vice versa.
  2. Through Off-market transfer – If you do not wish to close your existing account, you can request the transfer of shares by submitting a DIS slip with the existing stock broker for transferring.
  3. Online transfer – Contact your existing broker to know their process of transferring shares.

Zerodha Trading Platforms

The broking house provides a large variety of trading platforms to their clients –

Desktop Platform – WindowsYes
Desktop Platform – MacYes
Desktop Browser PlatformYes
Mobile Site PlatformYes
Android App PlatformYes
iOS App PlatformYes
Windows App PlatformNo
Other Mobile OS PlatformNo
Real time UpdatesYes
Portfolio DetailsYes
Online MF BuyYes
News FlashYes
Research ReportsYes
Easy InstallationYes
Global IndicesYes
Stock TipsYes
Personalized AdvisoryYes
Interactive ChartsYes
Live MarketsYes
SMS AlertsYes
Email AlertsYes
Multi Account ManagementYes

Zerodha typically relies on its team’s expertise across all the widely used digital platforms for the respective registered retail traders for its extensive and definitive success.

The well-acclaimed brokerage house offers the following remotely accessible trading platforms to its clients:-

Zerodha Kite Web – Web Based Trading Platform

It has developed its version of a browser-based trading platform that goes by the name of Kite Web.

Zerodha Kite Web is an HTML 5 based browser-enabled trading platform that stands as a part of the overall network of remote trading platforms offered by Zerodha across various operating platforms and devices.

It has the following features:-

Multi-Lingual Platform

The app can be accessed in ten different regional languages apart from English which makes the experience of using it for the users pleasant and convenient.

It has been developed to support Oriya, Tamil, Punjabi, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, and Gujrati as the prime language.

Lite Weight & Low Internet Requirement

Kite web is one of the most lightweight browser-based trading platforms available in the market. It even does not require a high internet frequency to work perfectly.

It requires as low as 0.5 kbps of internet bandwidth to perform optimally.

This enables the web-based app to be used all across the nation, especially among the third and fourth-tier cities where internet speed can often be troublesome.

Accurate Search Results

The app comes integrated with the ability to provide you with accurate search results across thousands (if not more) of scrips, contracts, and financial products across multiple indices and trading segments through the in-built single exhaustive ‘Search’ feature.

This typically helps the traders who are always on the lookout for more information before placing their orders.

Live Charts

The app comes loaded with showcasing many live charts called ‘Zerodha Kite Charts.’

This advanced feature enables the users to access six different types of charts like Linebreak, Renko Chart, Range Bars, Helkin-Ashi Charts, Point and Figure Charts, and Kagi Charts.

The tools also offer the users access to over twenty different drawing tools and more than a hundred distinctive technical indicators.

Minimalistic User Interface

Zerodha Kite Web has been designed with a minimalistic user interface, thus allowing the users to experience easy navigation, convenient understanding, and extended usability.

The app also enables the users to set up their respective shortcut keys for even more convenience.

Push Notification

The app can push notifications to your computer screen regarding important news, updates related to your Demat or Trading Account, and even the slightest movement within the markets.

Data Points for Analysis

The app comes loaded with a humongous variety of data points (including but not limited to P&L, Cash Flows, and Shareholding Patterns), thereby allowing the users to execute several fundamental or complex technical analyses before placing in their respective orders.

Multiple Segments

The app can also allow users to place distinctive orders by providing many trade product options like Margin Intraday Square Off or MIS, Normal F&O or NRML, and Cash n Carry or CNC.

Single Click Order

The app has been developed in a way so that it can allow users to place orders easily with only a single click across different order types.

This feature usually comes in handy for the traders who specifically deal in Intraday Trades, where the probability of profits converting into losses in merely a lapse of a second is, in fact, very high.

Critical Analysis

The web-based app allows the users to carry out extensive and critical analyses with the help of the already integrated tool Quant.

The app can further integrate tools like Zeridha Smallcase, Zerodha Sentinal, and Zerodha Streak for further analytical advancements.


Zerodha Kite Web allows the users to add up to five different market watch lists, each with a maximum of forty scrips.

Although this is a common feature easily found in many other web or browser-based trading platforms, Zerodha’s feature is comparatively easy to use.

Short-cut Key Function

The app comes loaded with many shortcut key functionalities that can access features that may otherwise require critical navigation knowledge.

It also allows the users to personalize the shortcut keys according to their requirements and convenience.

Zerodha Kite Mobile Trading App

Zerodha’s network of remote trading platforms also include Kite Android and Kite IOs, which are both commendable mobile-based trading platforms and come loaded with the features similar to Kite Web as both the platforms have similar UI & development stack:-

In Built Search

Both the apps have been developed to provide the respective users with accurate search results throughout numerous scrips, contracts, and financial products across multiple indices and trading segments.

They carry out this marvelous task with the help of the in-built ‘Search’ feature. This feature of the mobile apps has been known to help traders look forward to gathering more information before placing their respective orders.

Interactive Charts

The Zerodha Kite Apps have also been integrated to showcase numerous live charts with varying display options.

This particular feature enables traders and investors to access six distinct chart types, including the Linebreak, Range Bars, Renko Chart, Point and Figure Charts, Helkin-Ashi Charts, and Kagi Charts.

Apart from granting access to different chart types, the apps have also been enabled to offer the respective users exclusive access to more than a hundred different types of technical indicators.

Historical Data

Both the apps have been developed to grant access to free historical chart data of several years, thereby providing the respective users with a better understanding of the market and helping them make informed financial decisions.

User Experience

Both the apps have been designed to enable every kind of user (from novice to expert) to enjoy a superior user experience by offering them easy navigation throughout the app with the most minimal but classy interface.

Push Notification

The apps have been developed to push notifications to the respective user’s (trader’s and investor’s) home screen regarding all the updates concerning the user’s Demat or Trading Account.

The apps can also notify the respective users of the slightest movement within the concerning markets.

This app can be found in Google’s Play Store and Apple App Store by Kite by Zerodha. The Android version of the app has forty thousand seven hundred and fifteen reviews with an average of a 3.9 star rating.

However, the IOs version has only eight hundred and seventy-six reviews with an average of a 3.1 star rating.

Other than these, Zerodha also has made its mark with its Sentinel, Kite Connect, and Direct Mutual Funds, named platforms.

Each of these platforms is highly recommended by the users and continues to gain an even better reputation for the full-service brokerage house altogether.

More on Zerodha Trading Platforms

Console – This is the central dashboard for your account with Zerodha. All your information related to the trades investments can be accessed from here. The platform also offers in-depth reports and visualizations.

Coin – Another very useful application designed by Zerodha is Coin. The platform offers direct mutual fund trading. Mutual fund investments are commission-free and will be credited to your Demat account. The app operates on both Android and iOS devices.

Kite Connect API – Hey startup, this is your opportunity to tape the right market by building trading platforms and experiences. You can do it all with simple HTTP/JSON APIs.

Varsity Mobile – Zerdha has widened its area of specialization. It’s not just offering attractive investment offers but also learning for investors with its varsity application. It is an easy application that covers a collection of stock market lessons and well-described illustrations for your help.

Also, check out other Zerodha Trading Platforms.

Zerodha Customer Care

Dedicated DealerNo
Offline TradingNo
Online TradingYes
24*7 SupportYes
Email SupportYes
Chat SupportYes
Toll Free NumberNo

As you can speculate by looking at the table of contents charted above, Zerodha does not have any physical presence in branch offices whatsoever.

Nevertheless, it does provide customer services related to online trading, 24 * 7 Support, Email Support, and Chat Support through its many remotely accessible trading platforms.

Zerodha Complaints

Lodged in BSE220
Resolved in BSE217
Lodged in NSE189
Resolved in NSE185
Percentage of No. of Complaints Received Against Number of Active Clients0.01%

As seen in the table mentioned above, Zerodha encountered 220 complaints last year in the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Out of which 217 have been resolved and 189 complaints within the National Stock Exchange out of which 185 have been determined to date.

Zerodha Disadvantages

Zerodha has deservingly reached the topmost position of the Indian equity and derivatives trading industry with their out-of-the-box ideas and a digitally sound team of technocrats.

Nevertheless, there still are a few problems with the company that you might not like:-

  • They are completely a tech-based firm with no physical presence whatsoever. This can seem troublesome to the traders who still prefer trading the old-fashioned way.
  • They do not provide any sort of Research and advisory whatsoever.